My DVD's on Sri Chinmoy

This is the list of DVD's I produced on the different activities of Sri Chinmoy from 1985 to 2007. They are available in PAL and NTSC system. A series of selected items in HD is planned.

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The Hallenstadion Concert Zurich - March 1985

On March 31, 1985 Sri Chinmoy gave his first big concert in the Zurich Hallenstadion, a prestigious hall, where normally sports events, musicals or pop concerts take place. Sri Chinmoy transformed the hall into a vessel of spiritual manifestation. About 6000 seekers attended the performance that was divided into three parts. Many times Sri Chinmoy meditated between the different instruments. View an excerpt on www.

Length: 2:09 h / Archive no. KV1003

European Tour 1988

Concerts of Sri Chinmoy in Florence, Antwerp and Den Haag, "Lifting up the world with a oneness-heart" performances in Zurich and Munich, a talk on enthusiasm, a surprise trip to the Swiss mountains and unique improvisations on various percussion instruments. Visit of the former "Oneness-World" bookshop in Zurich.

Length: 1:14 h / Archive no. KV1004

European Tour 1989

Concerts in Vienna (University and in Oberlaa),Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg (both Germany) with many recitations and close-ups of meditations. You can also see Sri Chinmoy's visit of the first SEWA enterprise in Vienna.

Length: 1:44 h / Archive no. KV1005

Sri Chinmoy visits a Swiss monastery and meditates with the nuns

Sri Chinmoy meditates in a Swiss monastery, performs songs he composed on Lord Jesus, answered questions of the nuns and demonstrated the various states of meditation.

Length: 39 min /Archive KV1006

Sri Chinmoy - 25 years in the West (April & August Celebrations 1989)

Highlights of the April and August Celebrations 1989 (celebrating his arrival in the West in April and celebrating his birthday in August) with many meditation close-ups and the visits of Mokshagun and Addwitiya, Narada's performance, a report on the opening ceremony of the Harmony Run in Manhatten as well as Sri Chinmoy's opening speach and meditation at an Indian art show.

Length: 61 min / Archive no. KV1009

Meditations with Sri Chinmoy (1986-88) - Part I

Inspiring close-ups of a realized master with his own flute music. These are my first Super-8 movies, now digitalized and technically improved. A historical document.

Length: 34 min / Archive no. KV1012

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Sri Chinmoy in Paris and England 1989

Reception at the UNESCO in Paris and reports from two concerts in Paris as well as a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London, concluding with two pipe organ performances in Great Britain and a reception at Westminster, London.

Length: 1:15 h / Archive no. KV1017

Cambridge Concert 1989

Concert of Sri Chinmoy in auditorium of the University of Cambrige on June 27, 1989 with many new instruments that he never played before. Also included is a talk on "Oneness-education".

Length: 49 min / Archive no. KV1019

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Celebrations New York - April & August 1990

Summary of the highlights of both the April and the August Celebrations of 1990, including Sri Chinmoy's Avatar songs, his tennis playing and his unique performance on two pianos. He played on one piano while all movements were electronically recorded. Then he played on a second piano while the first one played the recorded part.

Length: 1:17 h / Archive no. KV1033

Improvisations on pipe organs in Europe (1987-1990)

Modern improvisations on pipe organs in the following European cities: Zurich, Stockholm, Den Haag, Copenhagen and Munich, including the very first pipe organ performance in a Zurich church.

Length: 1:34 h / Archive no. KV1036

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Poetry reading and talk by Sri Chinmoy - Stockholm 1990

First public poetry reading and talk on the spiritual significance of poetry by Sri Chinmoy in the Music Academy of Stockholm in the year 1990. English and Bengali recitations with Swedish translations. Sri Chinmoy introduces many of his early poems.

Length: 1:12 h / Archive no. KV1040

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Sri Chinmoy in Sweden - October 1990

Sri Chinmoy visited Sweden and gave two concerts in the Stockholm Konserthus, including major performances on the piano and the pipe organ. You see him also arriving at the airport, enjoying a boat ride and meeting New Age musician Ralph Lundsten.

Length: 1:25 h / Archive no. KV1041

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Sri Chinmoy - Celebrations 1991

The Celebrations video of 1991 brings you to the opening ceremony of the Peace Run, as the International Harmony Run first was namend. Sri Chinmoy opens the run and gives the torch to the runners from all the different continents. Narada Michael Walden introduces Addwitiya Roberta Flack, who plays and sings for the audience. Second part: Sri Chinmoy sings the "Invocation" on his "Aspiration-Ground" in Queens, NY, shows the competition racing shoes that he got as a present from Sudhahota Carl Lewis and throws the javelin behind his tennis-court. Als included is a series of beautiful birhday meditations.

Length: 45 min / Archive no. KV1055

The Frankfurt Concert 1991

Maestro Sri Chinmoy plays his own compositions on many eastern and western instruments and sings his own mantric songs, mainly in his native Bengali language.

Length: 1:28 h / Archive no. KV1056

Sri Chinmoy in Barcelona 1991

Sri Chinmoy visited Southern Europe in November 1991 and gave a concert, concluded with a long meditation. He then invited the seekers to come to the stage to meditate with him for a moment.

Length: 1:11 h / Archive no. KV 1057

Sri Chinmoy visits Malta & Sicily 1991

A beautiful scenery, friendly people and the highlights of four concerts in Malta and Sicily with many unforgettable meditation close-ups characterize this Christmas Trip video of 1991.

Length: 1:41 h / Archive no. KV1060

April Celebrations 1992 in New York

Walking meditations on the tennis-court in New York and a full coverage of the Hunter College concert are the main features. A.o. Sri Chinmoy sings "Ave Maria", plays on the blue esraj, on many synthesizers, the viola, the golden flutea and the piano. Several times during the concert he chants mantras. Jharna-Kala artworks by Sri Chinmoy himself were used as stage background.

Length: 1:09 h / Archive no. KV1065

Meditations with Sri Chinmoy (1987-92) - Part II

Inspiring close-ups of a realized master combined with his own flute music. This is the 2nd in a series of meditation videos that are ideal for personal meditation and inspiration as well as for meditation workshops.

Length: 59 min / Archive no. KV1070

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Birthday Celebrations of Sri Chinmoy - August 1992

Sri Chinmoy plays tennis, the Omsk choir performs, Sri Chinmoy sings the "Invocation", meditates and performs Avatar songs on his birthday, August 27th.

Length: 1:32 h / Archive no. KV1073

Berlin concert 1992

9000 seekers from around Europe visited this concert in the Deutschlandhalle. This was the first big meditation concert in Berlin.

Length: 1:13 h / Archive no. KV1074

Questions & Answers (1990-92)

Sri Chinmoy answers questions during two press conferences in Stockholm (1990) and Tokyo (1992). He reveals his opinions on such themes as heart-power, conquering the mind, delight, consciousness, divine qualities, oneness with the soul, the spiritual development of the Japanese society and the achievments of President Gorbachev.

Length: 1:23 h / Archive no. KV1076

Sri Chinmoy in Japan (1992)

Visit of the famous Kamakura Buddha statue where Sri Chinmoy met the head priest, meditated on the Buddha and planted a tree; report from the the most successful concert in the Budokan Hall, attended by more than 10,000 people.

Length: 1:25 h / Archive no. KV1077

Sri Chinmoy's birthday Celebration - August 1993

This video covers the highlights of the birthday celebration: Sri Chinmoy demonstrates the three steps of Samadhi: Savikalpa, Nirvikalpa and Sahaja, and gives a concert at the Julia Richmond Highschool. Also featured is his opening meditation at the "Parliament of the World's Religions" in Chicago.

Length: 1:36 h / Archive no. KV1084

Masters Games and concerts in Miyazaki (Japan) 1993

Sri Chinmoy's trip to Southern Japan in October 1993 with an insight in some cultural aspects of the region, the opening ceremony of the 10th World Veterans Championships with his participation in the 100 m sprint as well as a summary of four beautiful concerts with mediative music.

Length: 1:35 h / Archive no. KV1086

Sri Chinmoy visits W. Samoa and Fiji 1993/94

An inspiring review of the 1993/94 Christmas Trip with other 200 of Sri Chinmoy's students from all over the world. It covers a concert in Apia (W. Samoa), meditations and recitations on December 31 in Nadi (Fiji), running activities, ceremonies and the master's 100 and 200 m sprints in Suva, as well as an unforgettable visit to the untouched island of Manono in W. Samoa.

Length: 64 min / Archive no. KV1087

15 million bird drawings - Art exhibitions by Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy is not only a prolific writer, composer and meditation teacher, he is also a most active painter. Besides an extensive work of acrylic paintings, he also created millions of cute little birds in all shapes and colors. This video covers many of his art exhibitions worldwide from the years 1994 - 2003.

Length: 61 min / Archive no. KV1088 View excerpts on

Yogamaya centenary 1894 -1994

First one week centenary (1894-1994) celebration of Sri Chinmoy's mother Yogamaya. To be seen are the "International Bhajan Singers" as well as glimpes of the master's singing, his meditations and the offering of Prasad (Sacred food).

Length: 1:17 h / Archive no. KV1091

Meeting with Mother Teresa - Rome 1994

Sri Chinmoy meets with Mother Teresa in Rome in October 1994 where he gave her the "U Thant Peace Award". He was warmly received by all sisters and his students sang several songs. At the same occasion several boxes with most needed medicine for the hospital of the mission in Calcutta was given to the sisters.

Length: 61 min / Archive no. KV1096

Sri Chinmoy in Maui - Christmas Trip 1995

Fascinating nature scenes from the Haleakula vulcano and a visit to the famous Amida Buddha statue (the biggest outside Japan!) together with Sri Chinmoy's composing of new songs and a summary of the concerts are the main features of this Christmas Trip video of 1995.

Length: 1:10 h / Archive no. KV1102

Sri Chinmoy's Birthday Celebration, August 1995

Powerful long meditation close-ups, soulful songs, among them the performance of the "longest song" and the "Invocation" are the highlights of the 1995 Birthday Celebration in Nerw Yok.

Length: 1:36 h /Archive no. KV1104

The first big Prague concert 1995

In terms of audience it is still the biggest European concert: the Prague concert of October 8, 1995 with an audience of 15,000 seekers. Sri Chinmoy filled the huge hall with his soulful and sometimes also powerful improvisations, brought down divine light through his meditations and offered prayers and manric songs.

Length: 1:20 h / Archive no. KV1105

Christmas Trip South Africa 1996

An inspiring review of Sri Chinmoy's activities in Port Elizabeth, Durban and Pietermaritzburg: riding on a steam train, visiting an elephant park and a Japanese garden, planting trees, meditating in the Ramakrishna temple and in the Gandhi Hall as well as giving several concerts.

Length: 1:36 h / Archive no. KV1106

Meditations with Sri Chinmoy (1993-96) - Part III

Inspiring close-ups of a realized master combined with his own flute music. This is the 3rd in a series of meditation videos that are ideal for personal meditation and inspiration as well as for meditation workshops.

Length: 58 min / Archive no. KV1110

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Birthday Celebration with Sri Chinmoy - August 1996

This video opens with Sri Chinmoy's meditation at the main function celebrating his 65th birthday on August 27, and then comprehensively covers the concert at the High School of Fashion Industry in Manhatten.

Length: 59 min / Archive no. 1115

Sri Chinmoy in Japan - Christmas Trip 1997

Sri Chinmoy visits Kumamoto and Kagoshima in Southern Japan and gives concerts in both cities. He also played for 500 children of a catholic church and brought them the torch of the "International Harmony Run". Also included glimpses of the "500 disciples of Buddha" (carved in stone over a period of 24 years at the Gohyaku Rakan site, a Japanese dance performance and an exclusive coverage of the fascinating fire ceremony at the Saifukuji Temple near Kagoshima.

Length: 1:37 h / Archive no. 1117

Sri Chinmoy: August Celebrations 1997

This Birthday Celebration started with a full say function in honour of the 50th Anniversary of India's independence. Sri Chinmoy offered long meditations and painted 50 Jharna-Kala artworks in Jamaica, Queens. Also included are the highlights of the birthday function, a parade through Queens and excerpts of an open-air concert with 50 instruments.

Length: 53 min / Archive no. KV1122

Sri Chinmoy visits Guatemala & Mexico

Sri Chinmoy meditates a lot, composes hundreds of new songs and poems, and painted over a million bird drawings. One fascinating sequence shows him drawing these birds on large colored paper, attached to the windows of the hotel.

Length: 1:35 h / Archive no. 1124

Meditations with Sri Chinmoy (1996-98) - Part IV

Inspiring close-ups of a realized master combined with his own flute music. This is the 4th in a series of meditation videos that are ideal for personal meditation and inspiration as well as for meditation workshops.

Length: 55 min / Archive no. KV1126

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Sri Chinmoy in Finland - November 1998

A report on a ceremony in a Helsinki park and a summary of a meditation concert in the University Concert Hall where Sri Chinmoy performed for the first time. There was beautiful lighting and it was a nice atmosphere in an arena like hall with wooden background.

Length: 52 min / Archive no. KV1131

Sri Chinmoy in Europe 1999

In March 1999 Sri Chinmoy visited France, Sloovakia, the Czech republic and Hungary giving a total of five beautiful concerts. This video reveals the highlights f this most inspiring European concert tour.

Length: 1:35 h / Archive no. KV1134

April Celebrations 1999

Sri Chinmoy celebrates his 35th Anniversary of being in the West. The video starts with a long meditation, continues with chanting of mantras and ends with an invitation to the St. John's University in Queens, NY where Sri Chinmoy was named as the "Messenger of the Millenium".

Length: 1:23 h / Archive no. KV1136

Meditations with Sri Chinmoy (1998-99) - Part V

Inspiring close-ups of a realized master combined with his own flute music. This is the 5th in a series of meditation videos that are ideal for personal meditation and inspiration as well as for meditation workshops.

Length: 59 min / Archive no. KV1138

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Birthday Celebrations August 1999

Different aspects of the Celebrations festivities: a "Joy" part with highlights of the bi-annualy amateur circus program, a "Performance" section with excerpts of Ketan's Ramakrishna play, most of the items of the Classical Concert, glimpses of the annual 47 mile race and Sri Chinmoy's meditations on his 68th birthday.

Length: 1:36 h / Archive no. KV1142

Christmas Trip to Brazil & Paraguay in the year 2000

Amazing shots of the world's largest and most impressive water falls in Iguasso, charming pictures from a Bird Park, running in Brazil with Olympic medallist Joachim Cruz and Sri Chinmoy's concert in the famous Dom Bosco Church in Brasilia.

Length: 1:24 h / Archive no. KV1144

March 2000: Concerts and awards in Bucarest & Sofia

In 2000 Sri Chinmoy visited Rumania and Bulgaria to give two major concerts in the Eastern Europe. He also met 900 of his Russian students who especially came for these events. Also present in Sofia was cosmonaut Genady Strekalov who brought the "Harmony Run" torch into orbit.

Length: 59 min / Archive no. KV1145

Meditations with Sri Chinmoy (1992-2000) - Part VI

Inspiring close-ups of a realized master combined with his own flute music. This is the 6th in a series of meditation videos that are ideal for personal meditation and inspiration as well as for meditation workshops.

Length: 56 min /Archive no. KV1147

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Inner & outer harmony - the meditation world of Sri Chinmoy

Beautiful nature scenes from around the world and quotes by Sri Chinmoy on peace, harmony and meditation. Jump into the sea of eternal oneness and learn to experience your inner wealth.

The Joy of Art

An impressive slideshow with close-ups of 50 Jharna-Kala artworks of Sri Chinmoy, accentuated with an istrumental music piece by the Czech group Japaka. Total length: 27 min / Archive no. KV1150

The Riverside Church Concert - New York 2000

In Manhatten's well known "Riverside Church" Maestro Sri Chinmoy gave one of his most powerful concerts, playing on various instruments such as the cello, his golden flute, the esraj, the piano, the harmonium and the pipe organ.

Length: 74 min / Archive no. KV1151

Sri Chinmoy's 69th birthday - August 2000

On August 27, 2000 Sri Chinmoy celebrated his 69th birthday. The evening function was opened with a meditation, followed by singing the "Invocation", and many groups - playing the same instrument - performed. At the end Narada and Sudhahota Carl Lewis sang together on stage and Ananda honoured Sri Chinmoy's striking achievements.

Length: 65 min / Archive no. KV1152

Sri Chinmoy in Iceland - October 2000

The fascinating and beautiful island of Iceland honoured Sri Chinmoy with an official reception in Reykjavik, and its open-hearted citizens filled the concert hall of the town for an oustanding concert. Sri Chinmoy also visited the first two enterprises, run by students of him: the restaurant "Ecstasy's Heart-Garden" and "Health - the richest wealth", a health-food shop, both in the centre of the capital.

Length: 73 min / Archive no. KV1153

Bali - Christmas Trip 2001

The beautiful island of Bali warmly welcomed spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy for his third visit in early 2001 where he also received the "Heart of Bali Award". The video covers this celebration as well as two concerts and includes many stunning pictures from this island - many call it the "Island of Gods".

Length: 1:34 h / Archive no. KV1154

Sri Chinmoy in Oslo - Part 1

In June 2001 Sri Chinmoy and many of his students visited the Norwegian capital for a full week of activities promoting peace and harmony. Among them was an art exhibition and poetry reading at the Citry Hall and a talk and concert at the University.

Length: 1:37 h / Archive no. KV1157

Sri Chinmoy in Oslo - Part 2

In the second video on Sri Chinmoy's visit of Oslo you can witness the big concert in the Spectrum Hall, including glipmpses of the exhibition and booths at the entrance.

Length: 61 min / Archive no. KV1158

Meditations with Sri Chinmoy - Part VII

Inspiring close-ups of a realized master combined with his own flute music. This is the 7th in a series of meditation videos that are ideal for personal meditation and inspiration as well as for meditation workshops.

Length: 59 min / Archive no. KV1160

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Sri Chinmoy's 70th birthday - August 2001

Sri Chinmoy surprised with many outstanding achievements: Chanting 70 times the mantra "Supreme", composing and singing 70 new Bengali songs, playing on 70 instruments and on 70 pianos. The video also includes joyful glimpses of the Madal Circus and the big 70th Bithday Parade through Queens.

Length: 1:33 h / Archive no. KV1163

Impressions from Sabah

Sri Chinmoy wrote over 400 poems during the Christmas Trip of 2001/2002. This video shows you the beauty of nature of Sabah together with a selection of these new poems. The video concludes with remembrances from a steam train trip.

Length: 13 min / Archive no. KV1176

Celebrations April 2002

To celebrate his 38th Anniversary of his arival in the West, Sri Chinmoy gave an open-air concert with 38 instruments and had a walking meditation.

Length: 74 min / Archive no. KV1177

Divine themes - Artworks by Sri Chinmoy

Several of the more recent paintings of Sri Chinmoy have divine qualities or themes as titles. This video presents 55 of these together with music, composed by the artist himself. The result is an inspiring and meditative video collage.

Length: 27 min / Archive no. KV1179

Birthday Celebrations August 2002

You see many meditation close-ups, driving meditations (Sri Chinmoy meditates on various vehicles on his tennis court), a piano performance and a report from the first "Self-Transcendence Marathon" in the Rockland State Park.

Length: 47 min / Archive no. KV1181

Sri Chinmoy in Europe 2002 - Part 1 / Germany

In September 2002 Sri Chinmoy visited several enterprises, managed by his students like Aruna's coffee shop "Cosmos-Heart", Karali and Projjwal's printing press and Thirtha's SEWA giftshop and gave concerts for in Munich and Augsburg.

Length: 68 min / Archive no. KV1182

Sri Chinmoy in Europe 2002 - Part 2 / Switzerland

During his European tour in September 2002 Sri Chinmoy visited also enterprises by his Swiss students, composed new songs on a meadow outside of Zurich and attended several meetings with his students and their parents and friends, many of them saw him for the first time.

Length: 1:42 h / Archive no. KV1183

Meditations with Sri Chinmoy - Part VIII

Inspiring close-ups of a realized master combined with his own flute music. This is the 8th in a series of meditation videos that are ideal for personal meditation and inspiration as well as for meditation workshops.

Length: 58 min / Archive no. KV1184

Christchurch Christmas Trip 2002/03

This video covers Sri Chinmoy's visit to the Meditation Centre in Christchurch. the enterprises of his students and a concert in the cathedral as well as a private organ performance in the St. Michael's Church and meditations on Christmas day and New Year's Eve with the recitation of Sri Chinmoy's New Year's message for the 2003.

Length: 1:35 h / Archive no. KV1186

Cairns Christmas Trip 2002/03

Concert in Palm Cove, composing new mantric songs, writing poems, following a strict weight-lifting and fitness program and meditation close-ups are the main feautures of this video on Sri Chinmoy's Christmas Trip to Australia.

Length: 1:14 h / Archive no. KV1187

Sacred Moments - April Celebrations 2003

In April 2003 Sri Chinmoy celebrated his 39th Anniversary of being in the West by chanting "Supreme" 39 times. These video presents these sacred moments as well as glimpses of his driving meditations on his "Aspiration-Ground" in Queens, NY, and close-ups of his meditations during the evening function on April 13th.

Length: 20 min / Archive no. KV1190

August 2003: Sri Chinmoy's 72nd birthday

To celebrate his 72nd birthday Sri Chinmoy played on several instruments including a new echo flute, the sitar and the piano. He also presented his latest bird drawings to the audience of 1500 of his students from around the world.

Length: 1:10 h / Archive no. KV1192

Bali - Christmas Trip 2004 (Part 1)

Sri Chinmoy and his students came back to Bali for the fourth time during their Christmas vacation of 2004. He composed many new songs, wrote thousands of poems, got several country and University awards and successfully met with the King of Solo and all 8 Bali kings. The video also covers concert performances and a visit to the island of Timor Leste.

Length: 1:14 h / Archive no. KV1194

Bali - Christmas Trip 2004 (Part 2)

Sri Chinmoy and his students came back to Bali for the fourth time during their Christmas vacation of 2004. Part 2 shows a concert in the Inna Bali Beach Hotel, a variety of Jharna-Kala artworks he created during his stay in Bali, his tennis playing and Ashrita's record of running one mile with a milk bottle on the head in Borobudur.

Length: 1:13 h / Archive no. KV1195

April 2004: 40 years in the West

Among his many activities he lifted all his 1466 books on a special machine, lifted cars performed on the sitar and played frisbee. A personal record was the lifting of 100x his body-weight in a time of 1:17 min.

Length: 29 min / Archive no. KV1197

Sri Chinmoy's 73rd birthday - August 2004

Walking meditations, performances on the piano, sitar and esraj, a visit of special guest Addwitiya Roberta Flack and the presentation of the world's larggest flower bouquet with 101,000 roses marked this birthday cellebration. On the same video there is report on the FORUM, a cultural event in Barcelona, where Sri Chinmoy opened the 4th "Parliament of the World's Religions" with a silent meditation and an esraj performance in front of 5000 people.

Length: 1:32 h / Archive no. KV1202

European Concert Tour 2004

Successful concert tour with a total of 27,000 spectators in Vienna, Budapest and Prague. Musical highlights, meditations, performances on classical instruments and extraordinary improvisations on the synthesizer.

Length: 1:45 h / Archive no. KV1203

View synthesizer performances on

Sri Chinmoy in China 2004/05

For nearly three months Sri Chinmoy visited for the first time China. He expressed his love admiration for the country through composing special songs, poems and played on his favorite instruments. One afternoon, Sri Chinmoy painted for a couple of hours and created artworks in black and white as well as in color, inspired by Chinese art and calligraphy. A big section of the video is dedicated to this special art happening. Also included is a visit of a Chinese school in Yiamen, where Sri Chinmoy played on esraj and flute. 1000 school children attended the open-air concert who on their part sang one of the songs Sri Chinmoy specially created for Chinese children. This DVD is my first production in the new 16x9 panormic format, realized with a HDV camera. Length: 2:03 h / Archive no. KV1204.

Sri Chinmoy's Chinese Paintings (January 2005)

Sri When Sri Chinmoy visited China in 2004/05 he created a special series of Chinese paintings in the long vertical, typically Chinese format. It was on January 1, 2005 in Quingdao. Used techniques were black Chinese ink as well as colorfull acrylics. Enjoy the flow of divine cretions, accompanied by tratitional Chinese music.

Length: 1:15 h / 16x9 /Archive no. KV1219

Sri Chinmoy: 41 years in the West - April Celebrations 2005

Sri Chinmoy's driving meditations and concert (playing many Chinese instruments, flutes, synthesizer, harmonium and piano) in Queens, the visit of Addwitiyia Roberta Flack and the opening of the "International Harmony Run" in New York with the presentation of Sri Chinmoy's new song on the run and inspiring speaches by diplomats & guests. Length: 1:23 h / Archive no. KV1205

Maestro Sri Chinmoy in Italy - May 2005

End of May 2005 Sri Chinmoy visited Milan and Turin and gave three public concerts. Another highlight of the Italian tour was an invitation by the new "Soul and Fitness Institute" in Milan, that awarded him with a special recognition as an "Universal Ambassador of Peace between the pople and the souls".

Length: 1:55 h / Archive no. KV1207

Sri Chinmoy plays on 74 pianos in New York

Sri Chinmoy celebrated his 74th birthday with a volley of self-transcending offerings such as playing on 74 pianos, especially brought in for this occasion. The performance took place on August 22, 2005 in Queens, NY. This video is a record of this historial event. Length: 1:40 h / Archive no. KV1210

The 170 instruments concert in Switzerland

Maestro Sri Chinmoy chose Interlaken in the Swiss Alps for establishing a new record concert with 170 instruments from all over the world. The performance started early in the morning with the singing of the "Invocation" and ended some eight hours later with a big Japanese drum. 700 seekers attended this special event in autumn of 2005. Length: 1:59 h / Archive no. KV1212

Synthesizer Symphony

In September 2005 Sri Chinmoy gave nine concerts as part of his "World Harmony Concert Tour 2005" in these eight German cities: Berlin, Mannheim, Freiburg, Dresden, Dortmund, Nürnberg, München and Hamburg. He concluded each concert with a powerful modern performance on the synthesizer. This video contains all eight compositions in full length and ends with a meditation. Sri Chinmnoy's music is combined with a selection of his Jharna-Kala artworks. Length: 50 min / Archive no. KV1213

German Concert Tour 2005

In September 2005 Sri Chinmoy gave nine concerts as part of his "World Harmony Concert Tour 2005" in these eight German cities: Berlin, Mannheim, Freiburg, Dresden, Dortmund, Nürnberg, München and Hamburg. From 15 hours of concert footage I selected the visual and musical highlights and compiled this video. Length: 54 min / Archive no. KV1223

Meditations with Sri Chinmoy - Part IX

Inspiring close-ups of a realized master combined with his own flute music. This is the 9th in a series of meditation videos that are ideal for personal meditation and inspiration as well as for meditation workshops. Included are historical meditations like the demonstration of the different samadhi forms in 1993 in New York and new ones from the Parliament of the World's Religions in Barcelona or the German concert tour in 2005.

Length: 59 min / Archive no. KV1214

Birthday Celebrations - August 2005

Sri Chinmoy celebrated his 74th birthday with a variety of amazing performances, among them playing on 74 flutes, singing hundreds of Bengali and English songs as well as playing 74 compositions on his esraj. He also displayed new Jharna-Kala artworks, received a birthday cake with more than 27,000 candles and drove a carousel with his own leg power.

Length: 1:10 h / 16x9 /Archive no. KV1215

Christmas Trip 2006: Penang & Langkawi (Malaysia)

Enjoy this Christmas Trip video which consists of three parts: Meditations and music with Sri Chinmoy, a concert with Russian singer Boris Grebenshikov and some glimpses of the River-song performances on the island of Langkawi - the girls adapting the scene at the sea and the boys with a strong dramatic play on stage. As a special bonus there is an excluisve interview with Boris.

Length: 1:54 h / 16x9 /Archive no. KV1216

Sri Chinmoy in Japan - July 2006

In July 2006 Sri Chinmoy visited again his beloved Japan. He gave concerts in front of the Daibutsu in Kamakura, at the feet of Mt. Fuji and in the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, where he offered a flower bouquet. In addition to his concert at the Daibutsu an art exhibition with 80 of his recent Jharna-Kala paintings was on display. During his stay in Japan Sri Chinmoy also composed his 13,000th Bengali song!.

Length: 1:28 h / 16x9 /Archive no. KV1220

Sri Chinmoy's 75th Birthday - August 27, 2006

Highlights of the Birthday Celebrations 2006: Opening Meditation, singing the "Invocation", Ashrita's world record birthday cake (made out of popcorn and sugar), performances of Maestro Sri Chinmoy on two new samplers, and the meeting with Ashrita's father, including the presentation of the 13,000th song.

Length: 58 min. /Archive no. KV1224

View a percussion performance on

Sri Chinmoy in Thailand - 2007

In early 2007 Sri Chinmoy spent five weeks in Thailand. This video shows him honouring young Thai monks with the "Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart" program and the most inspiring moments of his musical performances in a hotel and the University of Chiang Mai. Also featured is a unique presentation of his new bird drawings on a special colour coated black art paper.

Length: 1:31 h. /Archive no. KV1227

Sri Chinmoy - Meditation-Silence

"Meditation-Silence" is a monthly podcast, published on as well as iTunes, Yahoo and Miro. It consists of short texts on meditation by Sri Chinmoy, complemented by videos of his meditations. As the internet quality is limited and many people asked for some tools for meditation classes, we compiled this special edition of "Meditation-Silence" on DVD, featuring 10 episodes with additional meditation clips and nature scenes.

Length: 54 min. /Archive no. KV1231

Sri Chinmoy's Art

Seven features on Sri Chinmoy's artworks: DIVINE THEMES (27 min), THE JOY OF ART (10 min), WORLD OF WONDERS (4:50 min), COLOUR DREAM (6:11 min), JHARNA-KALA OBJECTS (12:05 min), UNIVERSAL BIRDS on black colour coated art paper (5:54 min) and RHAPSODY IN BLUE (5:04 min).

Length: 70 min. /Archive no. KV1232

20th International Self-Transcendence Marathon Swim - Lake Zurich (Switzerland)

On August 5, 2007 the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team organized the 20th Marathon Swim on Lake Zurich, with a record participation of more than 100 solo swimmers and relay teams from all over the world. This year's winner in the main men's category was David Cech from Brno, Czech Republic, first among the women was Nancy Douglas from Wales. Watch a summary on

Length: 29 min. /Archive no. KV1234

Sri Chinmoy's 76th Birthday - August 2007

Highlights of the Birthday Celebrations 2007 were the visit of Purushottama Boris Grebenshikov and his family, the birth of the world's largest pencil, created by Ashrita Furman and his international crew as well as a beautiful 27th of August with a walk past meditation, the Invocation and Sri Chinmoy's concert on the "Aspiration-Ground" in Queens, NY.

Length: 2:03 h. /Archive no. KV1238

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