Here is an overview of my blogs and other sites in the internet

I was inspired to join the manifestation world in the internet end of 2007. Find some links below:


German Blog featuring inspiring and exciting news from all fields and on an international base:

- My Life with Sri Chinmoy

In this blog I would like to share some of my photos, videos and thoughts on my "Life with Sri Chinmoy" (English); irregular postings. All disciples are invited to share their stories:

- kedar photography

My first photo blog, that is no longer active; I am now regularly contributiong to the blog Photos HD.

- Photos of Sri Chinmoy

Each day one new picture of my Guru, spiritual master Sri Chinmoy to commemorate his life and his spirit. All photographers are invited to contribute their work for this site:

- Erinnerungen an Sri Chinmoy

Der spirituelle Meister und Friedensphilosoph Sri Chinmoy lebte von 1931-2007. Während 30 Jahren meditierte ich unter seiner Leitung und konnte viele seiner Manifestationen selbst aus erster Hand miterleben. Dieser Blog soll Dir anhand von Photos, Videos und persönlichen Aufzeichnungen Inspirationen geben. (German Blog on my memories of Sri Chinmoy; irregular postings):

- Sri Chinmoy on DVD

These are DVD’s I produced on the different activities of spiritual master Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) from the years 1985 to 2007. The videos show the master in all his major activities such as meditations, singing and composing new mantric songs in Bengal and in English, reciting poems, giving talks, performing in concerts around the world, painting, practising various forms of sports and weight-lifting achievemments. Each day one DVD is presented until the collection is complete, and then the new releases will be posted:

- Photos HD

A portfolio with creative pictures in HD format: 2225 px wide! Enjoy them on a large screen, preferably on a 30" Screen.

- Kenya Photos

I created this photo blog in addition to the Rhein-Valley Hospital News Blog, but it is no longer active.

- Portfolio on the Gallery section of the Sri Chinmoy Centre site with many albums containing pictures of Sri Chinmoy as well as personal creative photos (regularly updated):

- Videos on

Regular contributions on Sri Chinmoy's personal video website:

- My vimeo video channel

- My YouTube Channel: