Shooting videos

Some short guidelines for videographers

If you are interested in taking videos - for yourself or for publishing - you might have to realize that some people have a visual approach to everything and have a kind of artistic eye; for others some home work is needed to get a satisfactory result. A good way to conquer the video world is to have a solid knowlege of photography because here you learn the essentials. If you know how to compose an object within a given frame and how to create a visually catchy and harmonious picture you can apply the same parameters to the moving picture. In addition to these primary elements you have to capture the movements correctly. That means you should carefully let your object move and follow it spontenously with your camera, always keeping the mentioned composition factor in mind. Work very carefully - only if necessary - with the Zoom because quick and unthought zooming can quickly lead to a very amateurish look. Also fast movements with the camera should be avoided because first the quality and sharpness suffers and secondly the hectic look might disturb or annoy the viewer. It is also important to use a tripod whenever possible, especially for interviews and landscapes. If one is not available, leaning on a solid object (stone, part of a house, car etc.) helps also. And then the most important point is regular practice and browsing through well done videos to see how other people are working. Nowadays there are dozens of video sharing sites in the internet, but if you are selective, you will find also inspiring material.